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Can We Suggest?

Flagler Beach is an ideal place to relax, enjoy the sun and the beach, surf, and leave behind the stress of a complicated life. This is a place to contemplate, to have fun, to take walks along the beach, explore the Intracoastal, and to visit the many small restaurants and bars offering a variety of dishes for all kind of tastes. 


These are some of the places we enjoy the most:

A walk in the morning on Flagler Avenue, passes the tennis courts, and into the Betty Steflik Memorial Preserve, leading to the Intracoastal Waterway. Flagler Ave between south 15th and the tennis courts is usually shaded by the beautiful Oak trees. The walkway is a great place to spot many different birds and lush vegetation. At the Intracoastal we have been lucky to see manatees, dolphins, and a variety of jumping fish.


The Funky Pelican at the Flagler Beach Pier.  This is one of our favorite places for breakfast.  When we’re leaving town, it will be our last stop so that we have an infusion of the beach before departing.  If the weather is right, nothing beats eating outside on the deck.  I understand that they have a good happy hour, but ours tend to take place on the sand at the end of the day.


The Golden Lion Café.  We go here for their Fish & Chips.  Our suggestion is to go at sunset and sit at a table on the second floor deck – great view of the ocean and pier.  Also a good place for local  music.


Rocky’s Pizza.  This is our preferred places to eat. Small and simple, but good food.  We generally get the vegetarian calzone, house antipasto and a half carafe of wine.  Often we end up taking some home.  It is also the closest restaurant to the cottages at Casas de la Playa Central (1/2 a block towards the ocean).


For your listening pleasure, we recommend you dial up Surf 97.3 FM radio, broadcasting directly from the Flagler Beach Pier.  It will give a local feel for the town while keeping you up on events in our beachside community.  The station plays retro beach tunes, so be prepared to get a dose of Parrot Head music.


Flagler Beach Pier
Flagler Beach Pier from inside the Funky Pelican
Flagler Beach Marsh
Flagler Beach Pier from the Golden Lion
Radion 97.3 in Flagler Beach
A Little About Us . . . . 

My partner and I fell in love with Flagler Beach over 30 years ago.  We enjoy Flagler Beach because it is a quaint beach community without high rises or franchises. The community is friendly and the beach is wonderful.   We bought our first property in 1999 while we were both teaching in Gainesville, FL.    The last of the five cottages downtown was remodeled in 2017.  We also have two units to the south along the beach on Oceanshore Boulevard (A1A). We have fun  with the process of continuously updating our units.  We have been offering vacation rentals in Flagler Beach since 2001. We now live in Miami Springs, and plan to retire in Flagler Beach in the near future. I welcome your inquiries through this website, or by phone, or e-mail. I will respond quickly. Although we no longer live close to Flagler Beach, we visit often, and we have local caretakers who attend to maintenance of the property and to the needs of our guests.

Andres & Jim
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